Let me introduce myself:

  • I am originally from Italy

  • Moved to Australia after high school

  • Now live in Melbourne (after 8 years in Townsville)

  • Keen soccer player

  • I support FC Internazionale

  • Love fishing and diving

  • I enjoy writing computer codes

  • I speak Italian, English and Spanish


PhD in Marine Biology at James Cook University

Thesis: Extending Quota models to nitrogen-limited growth of phytoplankton populations

Bsc (Hons) in Marine Biology at James Cook University

Bsc in Marine Biology Adv. at James Cook University

  • Where I was born (Milan, Italy)

  • Where I met the ocean (Levanzo island, Sicily)

  • Where I grew up (Townsville, Australia)

  • Where I live (Melbourne)

  • Where my partner is from (Colombia)

Favourite podcasts

My most important places

  • TED interview

  • TED radio hour

  • TED daily

  • Nature

  • Science

  • The inter-pod

  • The Economist

  • Hack

  • Quirks and quarks

  • Stuff you should know

  • SBS italian